The Secret Secret of the WhatsApp, which you do not know


WhatsApp is constantly bringing new and exciting updates, so chatting on WhatsApp has become even more fun, but today there are many updates to WhatsApp which are so useful, but very few people know about them.

In today’s post, we are going to tell you about the hidden secret of some of the few WhatsApp, which will make your Watts Chat chat even more fun.

The Secret Secret of the WhatsApp, which you do not know

Make backups of your WhatsApp chats in local or cloud storage

In addition to making backups in your Watts Chat email, you can also backup it to a cloud storage (like Google Drive). You will find many applications for cloud storage in the Google Play Store. For this, open the Watts app, go to Settings> Chat> Chat backup and then click on Backup.

Know when your sent message was read

You may know that the gray color tick in the WhatsApp means that the message has reached it to which you have sent and the blue color tick means that the message has been read by that person but do you know besides that Even WhatsApp offers a service through which you can know exactly the exact time the message sent by you is read.

For this, please press for some time on the message about which you want information. After you press the message for some time, you will see the mark of the above information which will say “I” in the shell, click here. By doing so, you will know that your When the message has arrived and when it has been read.

Star or mark your favorite message

Star or mark the message of your choice. There will be a lot of messages coming to you in WhatsApp, some of which you may like very much or it may be necessary for you to easily find such messages. It is possible to find them easily if needed.

To do this, pressing that message for a while, now you will see a star above it, click on it.

To view Star Message, open the WhatsApp and click on the 3 dot, where you will get the option of Star Message.

BCC or Broadcast Message

If you want to send the same message to a lot of people, then WhatsApp BCC or Broadcast Message Service has done a lot of work. By doing so, you will not need to create a group, so that nobody will know the contact number of each other and your Messages will also reach everywhere.

To create a broadcast list, click on the 3 dot after opening the WhatsApp, then click on New Broadcast and select the people you want to send the message to. Click on Done, your broadcast list is ready and you can send your message.

The BCC or Broadcast Message Bloggers have a lot of work and I always use this service.

Hide a special chat from the Conversation list

If you have a specific chat that you do not want to delete, nor do you want anyone else to read that chat, then keep the chat you want to hide for a while and click on the archive button. On the archive button, a box will be drawn down and the mark of the arrow (↓) will be.

To view archive chat at any time, finally go to WattsApart and click on archive chat.

Apart from this, there are tips and tricks of WhatsApp which is very common, which all people will know, such as running 2 WhatsApp accounts from a mobile, hide your last scene, mute any group etc. So all these are here in detail I am not sharing, but if you want me to write a post in detail in these tips and tricks then tell me through the comments.

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