Flipkart and Wal-Mart merger protesters march on foot

Flipkart and Wal-Mart merger protesters march on foot

The Confederations of All India Traders Cat, a leading merchant of trade, protested against the arrest, demonstration, and walking march, tax walmart and flipkart deals at more than 1,000 locations across the country. In the capital Bhopal, merchants marched on foot from the Royal Market to the Collector’s Office. Spokesperson Vivek Sahu informed that hundreds of merchants gathered at SBI Chowrah, Royal Market for the demand to end the Walmart and Flipkart deal. The traders here protested against the deal and shouted slogans.
While walking on foot, merchants handed over a memorandum named after Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi to Bhopal Collector Sudama Khade, reaching the Collectorate office. Kailash state president Kailash Agarwal apprised the collector of the deal about the damage done to merchants. State President Kailash Agrawal said that if the Wal-Mart Flipkart deal is not stopped in the country, then the day is not far when their own shop will open in every market and e-commerce will be delivered to the consumers at home by order. Walmart will not allow consumers to enter the market by making mobile services available to customers across the city by providing home access service. In such a situation, small small markets of the city will end. Customers coming to the markets will stop coming. The memorandum was given to the Honorable Prime Minister to end the Wal-Mart Flipkart (Merger) deal in the entire state including Bhopal, Indore Gwalior, Jabalpur, Satna, Burhanpur Sagar, Dewas, Ujjain, Rewa, Vidisha, by the CAT Madhya Pradesh Chapter.

Next strategy in Delhi
Kate’s State President Kailash Agarwal and National Vice President Radhey Shyam Maheshwari have organized a huge meeting of all the business organizations of the country in the forthcoming 23, 24, 25 July in Delhi. In this meeting, further strategy will be decided against this deal. The meeting will include more than 500 leading business houses of the state.

Hawk merchant

State President of Kailash Kailash Agarwal, National Vice President Radheshyam Maheshwari, Spokesperson Vivek Sahu, Bhopal District President Ramababu Sharma, Harish Gyan Chandani, Organization Minister Ramakant Tiwari, Manish Agrawal, Lalit Jain, Sunil Jain 501, Shekhawat Rai, Manoj Agrawal, Nandlal Sachdeva, Shyambabu Agarwal , Nihalchand Motwani, Ajay DevnaniNani, Shivamohan Agarwal, Naresh Agrawal, Vasudev Wadhwani, Rakesh Singh, Ajay Kumar Sog Ni, joined Ajay Jain, Manish Rathi, Ajay Pawar, Gaurav Jain, Saurabh Sahu, merchant brothers in large numbers, including Mohan Sharma.

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