Google Home Mini Cheapest Price Ever

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₹4999 ₹2,499 100%

Right from finding your phone to keeping your family entertained, the Google Home Mini is here to offer all the help you need. This powerful little helper, which features the Google Assistant, will answer all your questions as it is equipped with the power of Google Search, Maps and much more. You can even control your smart devices at home with your voice.

At last last google home is in India.

Ordered on The Launch Day.
Came along with the Free JioFi.

Proper Packing and Next Day Delivery.

This is a pretty good Virtual Assistant with many useful functions.

I’m still exploring them and will share the useful ones as I come along.

For now I use it,

– As an Alarm
– To set timers
– Adding things to the shopping List ( which in turn will come to the Phone )
– Setting Reminders
– Creating Calendar Events ( Appointments )
– A Dictionary & Encyclopaedia

In India we can’t make calls using google home yet, probably it may come in a future update.

Product Review :

Undoubtedly it is very Good.
I am an iPhone user and when the same things are asked to ‘Siri'( Apple’s Virtual Assistant ) it does not perform well like Google Assistant.

Even in my iPhone I use Google Assistant rather than using Siri.

Google is Extremely good in understanding no matter how slowly we speak or use simple sentences, It will answer our queries. Even if i am mumbling it still understands me and answers.

Set an Alarm for 4 AM
Wake me at 4 AM
Alarm for 4 AM
Alarm 4 AM

Set timer for 15 minutes
Timer for 15 minutes
Timer 15 Minutes

We need not be so specific or say it as a complete sentence for it to understand.
Also we need need not be ‘Wren & Martin’ correct with our grammar :p Just a few key words are enough.

It understands Indian English (Accent) very well.
We don’t have to pretend ( Use American Accent) to be Americans to use it 😉

The distance coverage is pretty good.
I tried at a maximum distance of 40 Feet (12.1 Meters – Even for this feet to meter conversion I used Google mini ) and it works perfectly.

The sound quality is loud and very clear.
There is no distortion in sound quality.
I have kept it at a volume of 60% which itself is loud enough.
It is not too “Bassy” at the same time it is also not Flat. It has the right amount of Highs, Mids and Lows. ( Clear and clean Treble, Voice and Bass ).

Setting up is very easy and simple.
1. Download ‘google home’ in App Store/Play Store in your phone
2. Plug in the Google Device and wait until the voice prompts you ( it will tell you )
3. Once it prompts you it will be detected in your phone automatically
4. Configure it in the same wifi network in which your phone is connected and continue the setup with it’s positioning etc., ( all done in google home app itself )
5. Once the configuration is done it will restart and again prompt you that it is ready.
6. Say ‘ok google’ or ‘hey google’ to start using it

This is a product with a lot of potentials. With future updates this will be even more useful like asking it to make phone calls etc.,

If music listening is not your primary purpose for buying this product, then go ahead and buy it. If listening to music is your primary purpose or if you plan to listen to music a lot using google home then buy the bigger version (Rs.9,999), it has 3 speakers in it.


I’ll get back with my learnings and tips to use it at it’s fullest.

Till then, Happy Shopping Friends 🙂

Voice-controlled WiFi Speaker for Home
Ask Questions, Set Dialy Reminders or Get News Updates
Play Music from Popular Streaming Services
Control Other Smart Devices in Home
Works with Upto 6 Users with Personalised Settings.
W x H: 9.78 cm x 4.2 cm
Weight: 173 g

Superb sound
Excellent voice recognition
Works well with Chromecast for playing youtube videos on TV .
Hands free
Simple setup


No 3.5 mm jack to connect to external speaker
Not able to make calls as of now.